Castle of Trevarez in France: The Japanese Gardens

The castle of Trevarez near Chateauneuf du Faou in northern Brittany, France, is one of the last great castles built in France. Construction began in 1892 for a French politician and brought together all the faste and excess of the Belle Epoque, frescoes, carvings, marble, mosaics, ornate panels and fireplaces.

It is often referred to as the pink or red castle, because of the pink color it gets from the bricks used.  It was unfortunately bombed in the 1940s, and has not been occupied since, but it is being renovated by the government who purchased it in the 70s.

The gardens were neglected as well for many years and have been slowly brought back to their original glory, one area at a time. The grounds are extensive, with stables, a large wash house, theme gardens, formal gardens and much more.

In this post, I am featuring the Japanese gardens.There were originally two Japanese gardens: a smaller one nearer the main entrance and a larger one at the other end of the domain on the other side of the castle, but this latter has yet to be redone the way it used to be and after many years of neglect very little is left of it and the woods have reclaimed most of it.

At the entrance of the Japanese garden is a small pavilion; note the intricate paving, the bamboo, and water feature.

DSC01550 DSC01551 DSC01552 DSC01548 DSC01549

Past the pavilion is the Japanese rock garden with plantings and rock river beds for the stream.

DSC01558 DSC01570 DSC01569 DSC01568 DSC01566 DSC01565 DSC01564 DSC01563 DSC01561 DSC01560DSC01572 DSC01579 DSC01577 DSC01576 DSC01575 DSC01574 DSC01573 DSC01580Finally , below are a few photos of what is left of the other Japanese garden.

DSC01788 DSC01787 DSC01786 DSC01785 DSC01793 DSC01792 DSC01791 DSC01790 DSC01789




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