Cordoba courtyards and patios, Spain, Andalusia

More Patios and Courtyards of Cordoba, Spain

Beautiful patios can be found throughout Andalusia, influenced bytthe Moors that ruled in Southern Spain until a final defeat in 1492. Cordoba embraced this heritage in its patio tradition perhaps more than any other Spanish city and has been celebrating with its famous Patio Festival in May since 1933. Here are a few of the many patios to be found throughout Cordoba’s old town, showcasing the use of fountains and water features, pebble patio designs typical of the region, and of course great container gardening ideas..

A craftsman’s workshop

DSC00265 DSC00258 DSC00259 DSC00260 DSC00264

Private residences:

DSC00286 DSC00285

DSC00296 DSC00288 DSC00289 DSC00290 DSC00291 DSC00292 DSC00293 DSC00294 DSC00295 DSC00298 DSC00297 DSC00305 DSC00304


A convent courtyard:

DSC00303 DSC00301 DSC00302

Cordoba bus station:

DSC00309 DSC00307 DSC00308


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