Madrid’s Palacio Real/Royal Palace Gardens

The Royal Palace in Madrid, or Palacio Real, is Madrid’s largest building and the official residence of the royal family, although only really used for state occasions. It is adjacent to the beautiful Plaza de Oriente, and surrounded by the formally landscaped Sabatini and Campo del Moro parks. Wide alleys lead to the Palace, with  round topiaries and satues punctuating the side alleys and borders.

DSC08728 DSC08729 DSC08730 DSC08731 DSC08732 DSC08708 DSC08710 DSC08711 DSC08712 DSC08713 DSC08715 DSC08716 DSC08717 DSC08718 DSC08719 DSC08721 DSC08722 DSC08723 DSC08724 DSC08725 DSC08726 DSC08727



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